Separate is a modern open-
source Template Engine for PHP

The Separate Template Engine allows you an elegant separation of the business logic from the presentation layer, it is easy to learn and it offers universal possibilities such as:
Decisions can be directly realized in
the template file with the IF construct.
<!-- IF '${VAR}' == 'TRUE' -->
<!-- END IF -->
Template Including
Allows integration of
further template files.
<!-- INCLUDE header.htm -->
<!-- INCLUDE footer.htm -->
Dynamic Blocks
Useful for generating a list with
dynamic content, for example.
<!-- BEGIN my_block -->
<!-- END my_block -->
Value Formatter
A convenient way to
format placeholder values.
${UNIXTIME} <!-- 1520104433 -->
${(Date)UNIXTIME} <!-- 03.03.2018 -->
${(Time)UNIXTIME} <!-- 19:13 -->

...and much more.
(All possibilities are described in the Documentation.)
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